Veterans Service Office

The Veterans Service Officer is responsible for assisting the veteran, his widow, and orphans in securing earned rights he or she deserves by offering their life to the United States of America. Freedom is not free - someone had to pay for it. All veterans gave some - and some gave all.

Other Important Contact Telephone Numbers
VA Winston-Salem 800-827-1000
North Carolina VA Raleigh 919-733-2834
North Carolina VA Kinston 252-522-5050
Veteran Center Greenville 252-355-7920
Community Base Outreach Clinic Greenville 252-830-2149
Durham VA Hospital 888-878-6890


Important Links for Veterans


Your contact here in Greene County is:  
J. Ray Edmundson, Jr.
4144 Fort Run Rd.
Snow Hill, NC 28580
 (252) 747-7320