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GIS Data Downloads

The files made available here are for users with access to GIS software and consist of ShapeFiles and Metadata.  These datasets are provided free of charge for download and without restriction to their use but, are not for resale.  The data is provided as-is and without warranty.  Greene County is not legally responsible for any incorrect or out of date information.

Downloadable Data

("current as of" dates refer to the last time the data was changed, not a date guaranteeing data currency)

Boundaries -- County and Municipal Boundaries for Greene County and the Towns of Snow Hill, Hookerton, and Walstonburg. (current as of 7/23/15)

Taxparcels -- Taxparcels polygon layer with ownership information. (current as of 7/23/15)

Parcel Extras -- Taxparcels line layer which shows mapped easements and lot lines (sometimes not visible in the polygons layer) and Parcel Hooks (cartographic representations showing ties between non-contiguous portions of a tax parcel. (both current as of 7/23/15)

Roads -- Street centerlines file with address ranges. (current as of 7/23/15)

Townships -- Greene County Townships (this file has not been corrected to recently surveyed county boundaries, which may not correspond). (current as of 8/3/06)

Voting Precincts -- Greene County Voting Precincts. (current as of 6/15/09 corrections)

Land Cover -- Cleared vs Wooded areas generated from 2012 photography.

Orthophotography is available from NCOneMap.  Choose Download Imagery. 

GIS Maps and Parcel Inquiry