Greene County Planning

The Planning Department develops and implements plans and policies related to land development to strengthen the long-term sustainability of Greene County. Major responsibilities include zoning administration, floodplain management, permitting, land subdivision and manufactured home park regulation enforcement, and all other aspects as related to development within the County.  The Planning Department also administers E-911 Address assignment, as well as computerized mapping using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the entire County.


NEW Planning Fees

Subdivision Plats
  • Minor Subdivision  $30 + $ 5 per lot
  • Major Subdivision  $100 + $10 per lot
  • Permitted Uses  $25 Residential, $50 Non-Residential, Accessory Structures and additions No Charge
  • Special Uses, Variances, Rezoning, Text Amendment  $200 each


ADOPTED May 22, 2018 

NEW Greene County Subdivision Ordinance

This adopted ordinance replaces all previous SUBDIVISION ORDINANCES

Please Click Below to view Adopted Greene County Subdivision Ordinance

Greene County Subdivision Ordinance

ADOPTED June 5, 2017

Greene County Zoning Ordinance

Please Click Below to view Adopted Greene County Zoning Ordinance.

Greene County Zoning Ordinance

Greene County Zoning Map can be found on the GIS Webpage at:





  • Per Greene County Zoning Ordinance, Site Plans showing proposed improvements will be required for all new Residential (less than 5 acres) and  All Commercial Property and performed, signed and sealed by a Licensed Surveyor or Engineer in the State of North Carolina.  Site plans must be to scale (1" = 60" or less, may be larger if deemed necessary by the Planning Office) and should include but are not limited to:  location of boundary lines and should be accurately represented with all bearings and distances shown; location of proposed improvements (house, buildings, drive, parking lots, etc.); all existing structures are to be shown; all minimum building setbacks; location of any buffers, easements or right of ways that affect proposed property; if the property is located within a flood hazard area, the site plan will require a flood statement; a statement will be required stating if there is a swine farm within 750 feet of construction; all property corners and location of proposed construction are to be marked or flagged on property and any other information that may be needed to adequately determine approval by the Greene County Planning Office, Building Inspector, or Health Department.  Accessory Buildings and Additions to existing structures will not need a site plan unless determined necessary by the above departments. If there are any questions or concerns about any requirements or if a site plan is required, please contact the Greene County Planning Office.


Greene County Policy and Procedure

for New Construction  

The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures necessary for new residential or commercial construction in Greene County.  This policy outlines the proper steps, directions, and required information for persons or entities looking to build or erect a structure in Greene County.  This policy outlines all the necessary permits and applications needed for this process. The intent of this policy is to make the procedure more efficient and to benefit persons or entities looking to develop in Greene County.                 

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Greene County New Construction Policy and Procedure

Greene County Ordinances

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Greene County Solar Energy Facility Ordinance

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Greene County Solar Farm Ordinance

Greene County Electronic Gaming Ordinance

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Greene County Electronic Gaming Ordinance

Greene County Addressing Ordinance

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Greene County Addressing Ordinance

Greene County Stormwater Ordinance

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Greene County Stormwater Ordinance


Greene County GIS Mapping

Please clink on link below to be directed to Greene County GIS.

Planning and Zoning Boards

Planning Board Members

Elbert Dixon, Jim Davenport, Henry Lanier, Salvador Abrego, Erwin Sugg, Douglas Hall, Leslie Van Mooring, John Grant, and Rick Davis

Board of Adjustment Members

Elbert Dixon (Chair), Henry Lanier, Latesha Haddock, Glenn Dail, and Derek Burress

Contact Information

Brandon J. Sutton
County Planner/Zoning Administrator/GIS Coordinator


Daniel Grant
GIS Technician/Planning Assistant
Phone:   252-747-4398
Fax:       252-747-5067