Child Care

The Greene County Child Care Subsidy Program provides financial assistance to parents for their child care needs. The Child Care Subsidy Program is based on need, income, and family/household size. The goal of the Greene County Child Care Subsidy Program is to financially help families meet the child care needs to ensure affordable, safe, quality, accessible child care.

The amount paid for your child depends on:
  • Family/Household size
  • Family/Household gross income
  • Need

You will choose your own provider. The Child Care Subsidy Worker will not recommend a provider. Providers who wish to accept Child Care Subsidy payments must enroll with the Greene County Department of Social Services.

Waiting List

At times through-out the year the Greene County Subsidy Program may have a waiting list for services. To be placed on the waiting list you must complete a waiting list form and provide proof of need such as pay stubs or a class schedule. If/When you are placed on the waiting list it is very important that you keep the Child Care Subsidy Worker updated with your contact information. 

Contact Information
Greene County Department of Social Services
227 Kingold Blvd., Suite A
Snow Hill, NC 28580
NC Division of Child Development and Early Education