Purpose: To establish a policy that ensures an accountable, objective, and fair process
for funding requests.
Policy: Greene County may award funding, as permitted by law, on an annual basis to groups
that provide programs or services to the citizens of Greene County. The Greene County 
Board of Commissioners will consider funding requests during its annual budget work 
sessions in April and May. The County Manager and Staff will conduct the following analysis 
when considering funding requests:

Funds requested must be expended for the benefit of the citizens as a whole and not solely 
for the benefit of particular persons or interests.

Funds may only be granted for programs, services, or activities that the County has authority 
to support directly.

Based on the nature of each request, Greene County Board of Commissioners will provide clear 
guidelines and directives as to how the funds should be spent.

Upon completion of the project, a report must be submitted to the Board of Commissioners including
information on how the project benefitted the citizens of Greene County, and a detailed list of the
expenditures made with funds provided by the County.

1. Application Process
The Funding Request Application is available on the County’s website and in the Finance Office
at the County Manager’s Officer.

All agencies/groups who wish to be considered for funding must complete an application and
return it to the Finance Office on or before April 15th of each year.  Applications received after April
15th will not be considered for the upcoming annual budget unless the applicant can demonstrate
extraordinary circumstances that warrant consideration of the untimely submitted application.

Applications that are incomplete will be deemed ineligible for funding that year.
Submission of a complete application does not guarantee funding.

Applicants must attend a Board of Commissioners meeting to present their request to the Board and answer any questions that Board Members may have about the application.
2. Review & Funding Process
Eligible applications will be reviewed by the County Manager and the Finance 0fficer.
A recommendation for funding and, if funding is recommended, a proposed funding amount will
be presented to the Board of Commissioners for consideration as part of the annual budget process.
Upon Board of Commissioners approval of the annual budget, grant notification letters will be 
sent to all who submitted applications for funding, whether or not the request was approved.

Applications do not automatically renew. Agencies that have received funding in the past must

reapply for funding annually.
Funding Criteria: 

Applications will be reviewed and recommended for funding based on the following
criteria. All applicants should:

Submit a completed application by published deadline.

State the community need for services and provide a service that meets the descriptions in the
policy statement above.

State achievable, outcome-based goals and outline a plan to meet goals.

Demonstrate diversity of funding sources.

Board of Commissioners reserves the right to request information regarding the current financial 
condition of any grant applicant.
Requirements to Receive Funding:

An annual performance report documenting the use of the County’s funds and the accomplishments of

the program will be submitted by any recipient of funds at the end of the County’s fiscal year.

The Board of Commissioners, at its discretion, may require an examination of any group/agency's

financial statements.

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements may result in suspension of current

funding and/or elimination of future funding.
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