Greene County "Recycle Right NC" Proclamation

Greene County

North Carolina

By His Honorable
Bennie Heath, Chairman
Greene County Board of Commissioners
A Proclamation

WHEREAS, single-stream recycling programs that emphasize the collection of cans, bottles,
cardboard and paper recover the highest tonnages most efficiently; and

WHEREAS, North Carolina communities have established excellent recycling programs, and
with the presence of strong established markets in the state, are able to redirect recycled materials
back into the economy and create new products; and

WHEREAS, recycling stimulates local economies, creates jobs, saves energy and water, reduces
greenhouse gas emissions, preserves natural resources and conserves landfill space; and

WHEREAS, the North Carolina recycling industry supports more than 16,000 jobs and relies on
the success of community recycling programs; and

WHEREAS, the increasing amounts of non-recyclable items, or contaminants, being placed in
recycling bins compromises the quality of truly recyclable materials and creates safety hazards for
employees at the materials recovery facility where recyclables are sorted; and

WHEREAS, recycling costs can be lowered by reducing the amount of contaminants in the mix;



WHEREAS, educating residents about which items go into the recycling container is the most
effective way to recover the most recyclable material and avoid contamination; and

WHEREAS, to focus the state's attention on the importance of reducing contamination in
recycling, the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality has created the "Recycle Right NC"
campaign to educate the public on which items should and should not be placed in the recycling
cart; and


WHEREAS, participating in the "Recycle Right NC" campaign is an effective way to raise
awareness about the need to recycle only the items accepted by local recycling programs; and

WHEREAS, Greene County pledges to participate in the "Recycle Right NC" statewide
campaign as an opportunity to contribute to a larger movement to improve recycling and lead the
nation in recycling education through harmonized messaging;

Now, Therefore, I, Bennie Heath, Chairman Board of Commissioners of Greene County, NC do
hereby pledge a proclamation of support and participation in the "Recycle Right NC" campaign on
this 16th day of September, 2019.

-------SIGNED BY------------

Bennie Heath, Chairman Greene County Board of Commissioners


-------SIGNED BY-----------

Kyle J. DeHaven, Clerk to the Board

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