2019 Absentee by Mail Proposal

Key Takeaways for the Absentee By Mail Proposal:

1. The proposal only effects the 2019 MUNICIPAL AND SANITARY LAND DISTRICT ELECTIONS.  The proposal WILL NOT effect any even year primary or general election.
2. Any municipality has the OPTION to "OPT IN" in the pilot program in 2019.
3. The process proposed is NOT NEW.  We already have absentee voting, early voting and Election Day voting.
4. Qualified voters would automatically be sent an absentee ballot instead of having to ask for one.  Voters still have the option to vote during the early voting period or on Election Day.  On Election Day there will be only one centralized location for voting purposes.
5. Absentee voting is the ONLY voting that is done by a retrievable ballot.  Meaning that if any voter fraud is suspected the Board of Elections can investigate and "pull out" any ballot if fraud is confirmed.  Election Day voting does not allow this option.  
                           For more information please consult the slideshow  below or watch our You Tube video:

You Tube Video