Make NC Count

Posted by Kathy Friday, June 19, 2020 11:28:00 AM

Census 2020

•     The decennial census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution.
•     Under Title 13 of the U.S. Code, federal law requires that all personally-identifying
information collected for the Census be kept confidential – it cannot be shared with service
providers, law enforcement, the courts,
immigration, or anyone for 72
•     Hard-to-Count populations
include young children, racial & ethnic minorities, low-income workers, homeless,
undocumented immigrants,
mobile individuals such as college students, military and seasonal workers, LGBTQ persons, and
those distrustful of the
•     Be counted where you spend the majority of your time living to ensure adequate planning &
funding of local services – being counted in NC will not change
your permanent address or tax status.
•     Children under age 5 comprise the most undercounted age category
– an estimated 1 million were not
counted in 2010.
•     In NC, children under the age of 5 represent nearly 6% of the
•     Newborn in hospital? They count!
•     African American children are 2 times more likely to live in poor or low-income homes than
•     Nearly 2% of NC’s population
identifies in whole or in part as American Indian.
•     NC will lose an estimated
$27.4M federal dollars annually in the event of a 3% national undercount of Hispanics.
Everyone must be counted once, only once, and in the right place―this includes you!
You should be counted where you
live the majority of the year.
You can take the census survey using a computer, mobile device, telephone or paper questionnaire.
Census data determines:
•     number of congressional seats;
•     planning and funding for a variety of residential needs including new roads, schools, and
emergency services; and
•     decisions that impact local jobs, businesses and retail stores.
How can you participate?
•     Create or join a Complete Count Committee and partner with other trusted voices and leaders
in your area who are committed to increasing census participation.
•     Raise awareness by including census information in newsletters, social media posts, podcasts,
mailings, and
•     Help recruit U.S. Census workers for our state
•     Exercise your voice. Make NC count for you and your community―April 1, 2020 is Census Day!