Copier & Printer RFP

Posted by Stephanie Friday, December 21, 2018 2:12:00 PM

Copier & Printer RFP

RFP Questions & Answers

  1. The rfp states “all fee, property taxes, delivery charges, setup fees, training fees, connectivity and networking charges are to be included”.  Does that include all ongoing connectivity and networking charges for the duration of the contract? Or just the initial setup? Ongoing connectivity and networking changes for duration of contract.
  2. Under the current equipment total I noticed the plotter in the register of deeds office was not on this list.  What is the status of this device?  Not included in this rfp.
  3. Looking at your current fleet of equipment under category 2 is 11x17 paper capacity necessary for all of those departments? Yes, and for all category one devices as well.

Also these machines come standard with 2 (500 or 550) paper trays and the rfp ask for a minimum of 4 trays of 500 sheets.  A few of the machines listed on the necessary replacements ask for contradicting paper amounts.  All Segment one machines should have the standard two trays, where extra trays are specified on the chart, they should have a capacity of at least 500 sheets per extra tray.  All segment two machines should have 4 paper trays standard with a total capacity of 2,000 sheets  the tax department is a typo, my apologies.  It should have 2 extra trays.  Segment 3 machines should have a standard capacity of 500, and should include extra trays with a capacity of at least 500 sheets per tray where specified in the chart.

It also states that each machine must have a 50 sheet staple floor standing with a hole punch but on the list of necessary replacements it has contradicting information on that as well.  Also as long as the machine can staple 30 pages at a time is that suitable?  30 is fine, but must be a floor finisher where listed.

Is hole punch necessary on each machine as well?  Yes, for segment 2 machines, excluding the one in the senior center.

It ask for a dual scan document feeder, are we talking about a document feeder that scans both sides of the document in one pass through the feeder?   If so can this be clarified to a single pass document feeder?  Yes, single-pass is the same as dual-scan, and is needed for segment 2 machines only.

The 60 gb hdd and 1gb ram minimum seems a little much can this be waived seeing that all of these are new digital equipment and across all manufacturers will have the necessary standard space to be able to print, copy and scan in your environment?  Yes

  1. The category 3 section ask for a standard minimum 2gb ram 80 gb hdd is this also necessary as well?  The first segment of equipment is only asking for 512 mb minimum memory capacity, are you utilizing the category 2 and 3 equipment drastically different that we should know about to request this difference? Standard Hard drives will be acceptable.
  2. Seeing that most business environments use a mixture of windows based and mac products shouldn’t the rfp require that all devices coming in have post script included with the machine giving the ability for both windows and mac/apple products can be utilized?  No, we have an entirely PC fleet.

As far as category 1 requirements, it is asking for a 50 sheet floor standing finisher, to save space and money could this also be a 50 sheet finisher (whether internal or external)?  An internal finisher is fine, but for segment one machines only.



  1. Category 3 ask that the machine “must be fax capable”.  Does this mean that a fax board comes standard or that you can add a fax board at a later time but having it come already on the machine quoted is not necessary?  Fax standard.
  2. Have an HDD on the Category 3 type machine isn’t something that most manufacturers offers and might be manufacturer specific.  If the machine has the minimum 512mb RAM is that sufficient? Yes 
  3. The RFP request that there is a cost per copy dollar amount for b/w and color, with all of the requirements of the bid being very specific such as equipment, specs of equipment, very specific accessories to be included, monthly allotments etc wouldn’t it make sense to have each vendor give the monthly price for everything included that is notated on the bid including the allotment for b/w and color prints and then have a cost per copy for any overages like most RFP’s request?  Example: the county will pay $X,XXX.XX per month which will include everything except paper and if county goes over then they will pay $X.XX per b/w and $X.XX per color?  Yes