Board of Commissioners

The Greene County Board of Commissioners have the job of setting the vision and policies for Greene County's Government. Commissioners are elected to staggered 4-year terms during even numbered years. Commissioners are elected on an at-large basis.

The Greene County Board of Commissioners has adopted an aggressive vision for the future of Greene County. County departments are expected to use the vision statement to assist in crafting work plans and budget priorities for their agencies.

Our Vision

Our vision of Greene County is a premier community in which to live, work, recreate and rear future generations. We will achieve our vision by adhering to the following important philosophies:

  • Quality Housing - We are a community with adequate, affordable and safe housing;
  • Infrastructure - Our community is a leader in infrastructure development, including water, sewer, transportation and communications;
  • Safe Communities - We are a community where all citizens feel safe in their homes and their neighborhoods;
  • Business Climate - We are a community that supports small business and industry;
  • Recreational Opportunities - We are a community with high-quality recreational and cultural opportunities available to all citizens;
  • Healthcare - We are a community that provides state of the art healthcare to all citizens.
Chairman Bennie Heath
PO Box 683 
Snow Hill NC 28580  
Vice-Chairman James T. Shackleford, Jr.
230 Pine Street
Snow Hill, NC  28580  


Commissioner Susan Blizzard
559 Hwy 903 N
Snow Hill, NC  28580  


Commissioner Jerry Jones
424 Sheppard Ferry Rd.
Snow Hill, NC 28580  

Commissioner Antonio Blow
PO Box 192
Snow Hill, NC 28580