Agenda & Minutes



Anyone that wishes to be on the agenda for a Board of Commissioners meeting

must complete this form and return it to the County Manager's Office.  Please click below to get the form.


All requests to be on the Agenda must be received no later than Wednesday @ Noon in the

County Manager's Office, 229 Kingold Blvd., Suite D, Snow Hill, NC 28580.  Any questions call (252) 747-3446.


2020 Agenda 2020 Minutes Prior Years Minutes
01-06-20 Agenda Com-Min 01-06-20  2008-Minutes.pdf
01-21-20 Agenda Com-Min 01-21-20 2009-Minutes.pdf
02-03-20 Agenda Special Meeting Com-Min 02-03-20  2010-Minutes.pdf
02-17-20 Agenda   2011-Minutes.pdf
03-16-20 Agenda Cancelled  2012-Minutes.pdf
04-06-20 Agenda    2013-Minutes.pdf
    2017 Minutes
    2018 Minutes
    2019 Minutes