Adult Services

Elderly and disable citizens need access to an integrated health and social service system that encompasses the entire continuum of care from home and community-based services to long-term care services. Adult Services helps meet this need through programs designed to promote independence, choice and self-sufficiency.

Adult Protection Services

Adult Protective Services provides correction or prevention of abuse, neglect and exploitation of elderly and disabled citizens. The agency provides all necessary services as disinterested public guardian when appointed by the Clerk of Court. Greene County serves as representative payee when an individual has been determined unable to manage their financial benefits.

In-Home Services and Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP/DA)

The In-Home Services and the Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults (CAP/DA) services are designed to provide basic personal care and health services to homebound elderly and disabled adults. General social work and monitoring services are provided by the agency in the areas of adult care homes, adult placement, information and referral services.

Family Caregiver Support Program

The Family Caregiver Support program provides respite care to enable caregivers to be temporarily relieved from their caregiving responsibilities. Supplemental services, on a limited basis, to complement the care provided by caregivers.

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