2019 Tax Rates

2019 Tax Rates

Tax Rates are expressed in rate per $100 of assessed value.  Example:  A property valued at $100,000 with a combined tax rate of $0.798 would receive a tax bill of $798.00 (plus any associated solid waste fee(s) if applicable).

The County collects taxes for the Town of Walstonburg and their municipal taxes will appear on the County tax bill.  For other towns, you will receive separate bills from the County and from the Town.  Sticker Fees are an additional per car fee adopted by many municipalities.


G01 Countywide Tax Rate $0.786 (applies to all property)


Fire Districts

Code Jurisdiction Fire Tax Rate Total Tax Rate
F01 Rainbow Fire District (Hookerton) $0.1080 $0.894
F02 Bullhead Fire District $0.1200 $0.906
F03 Maury Fire District $0.0880 $0.874
F04 Arba Fire District $0.0630 $0.849
F05 Shine Fire District $0.0900 $0.876
F06 Little Creek Fire District (Scuffleton) $0.0950 $0.881
F07 Contentnea Fire District (Snow Hill) $0.0820 $0.868
F08 Fort Run Fire District $0.1220 $0.908
F09 Jason Fire District $0.0800 $0.866
F10 Castoria Fire District $0.1000 $0.886
F11 Speight’s Bridge Fire District (Walstonburg) $0.0708 $0.857

Most unincorporated areas in the County are also in a Fire Tax District.  Fire District Taxes are billed by the County on the same bill as County Taxes.


Solid Waste Fees

A Solid Waste Fee is assessed on each residence in the County.  The standard Solid Waste Fee is $84.00/year.  Half of this rate is for the purpose of maintaining Solid Waste & Recycling Convenience Sites across the County.

County Residences with contracts with private companies for garbage pickup AND Residences assessed with Municipal Taxes (and receiving Municipal garbage collection) qualify for a reduced solid waste fee of $42.00/year.  This other half of the fee is for the purpose of maintaining the County Landfill.